Email list building tactics to quickly build your list as a new blogger or solopreneur. Apply these methods and see an immediate increase in your list.


  1. Dear Maryam
    this is Kashif Latif and I am new in this field I want to ask you how can make an email list hope you will give me a reasonable answer because I am new in this field and want to learn please send me suggestion how can I make an email list.
    awaiting your quick reply on my given email address

    1. Hey Kashif! Thanks for your comment. I, unfortunately, cannot get back to you over email right now and give you all the methods for list building, as it’s an extensive list. However, this post that you commented under lists some methods that work very well for beginners.

      You can also take some online courses, listen to a few podcasts on the subject. If you want to be kept in the loop, you can also subscribe to my email list so that you get updates. I have a free resource on my home page, Email Templates, that you can use in your email list building and marketing journey. If you click to get it, I will also add you to my list.

  2. Really great ideas. How frequently would you recommend doing Facebook Live videos during a giveaway campaign? Thanks so much for the post!

    1. Hi Ben. Thanks so much for stopping by. I would say once a day definitely on both Facebook Live and Instagram Live. If you do it less often, many people will miss it because Facebook will push it down and it’ll get lost in other posts.

      Also, try cross-posting. You do Facebook Live, then tell your Instagram peeps about it “Hey, did you see this video I did on Facebook?” and vice versa.

  3. Bookmarked this one. I really need to work on my email marketing. I have to learn more about it as there are some terms which I do not understand very well. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Can’t tell you badly I needed to read this. Saving for reference so that I can come back again, again. Thanks so much for putting something so helpful together!

  5. I’m struggling with growing my email list and I found some very useful tips from this post. Thanks for sharing them with us.

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