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  1. Good to have more info on tools needed. There are so many things out there I don’t know about and there were many on here that I’ve never heard of. Filing away the info for when I need it. I’m still learning a lot. I’m a newbie.

  2. Hi, Mariam!
    Thanks for this. This is a one-stop shop for blogging tools. I am always looking for a way to make my blogging work easier. And one interesting tool I have found here is trello. I intend to try it out.

    1. Hi Eki! Thanks for stopping by. I understand the desire to constantly look for tools. I myself am like that also. You’ll love Trello! It’s a lifesaver for me, and the only way I keep ahead of my crazy schedule.

  3. Wow. Tons of awesome tools that we all need. It is hard to weed through all of it, especially as a new blogger. I need to check out Trello, that is my next adventure!

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