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  1. As someone who gets overwhelmed (okay so not in the sense of I’m curled up under my desk overwhelmed but more like I will go bake some cookies) at the thought of writing and sending out a single email your blog post has given me some concrete steps that I can follow as I set up my email marketing process for my very new business. I am not going to go back and bake cookies but instead, get to work crafting my marketing process.

    1. I am so happy you found it helpful Leslie! You can’t see me, but I swear this comment made me really happy inside. You can do it! Honestly, email marketing is something I enjoy very much. So if you need anything, let me know! (absolutely anything, if you wan to set up automations, triggers or write copies).

  2. Thank you for this great guide on email automation and how to create a welcome serie!! I definitely need to work on this aspect of my business! That will be my goal for next week!! I will pin it and come back to work on my email serie !!

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